An Open Field
An Open Field
A Feature Documentary Film in Production


This is a story about a football player. Not just any football player, but the best quarterback in the world. The best FEMALE QUARTERBACK in the world. They call her “Sam.”

Take an epic journey into the heart and start of women’s tackle football as AN OPEN FIELD illuminates the trailblazers of the female football movement through the life and times of Sami Grisafe.

Sami traverses the obvious obstacles of any athlete coupled with the heartbreak that goes along with being the first of anything. Watch as she and the community around her write the playbook on integrating women into a man’s game. Meet women around the globe who play tackle football “just like the boys.” Overcoming everything from dislocated knees to concussions, to broken nails, to gender stereotypes.

Growing up, Sami was one of the boys and now she’s a woman on the gridiron. A woman who leads TEAM USA to three gold medals. She is a pioneer for female football players who now have footsteps to follow.  

Watch Sami Grisafe and her brothers and sisters on the field as they face obstacles to create a path that didn’t exist, an open playing field. Sami breaks free from the old to create a new paradigm for the game of football and for the world.  


Shot on location over the course of seven years with full access to practice sessions, games, private team conversations in locker rooms and off-the-field activities, the film follows the progression of the U.S. Women’s National Team through training camp and the world championships as well as multiple seasons with the Chicago Force. The film also draws upon home-video footage and archival images to show the compelling backstory behind our lead character, Sami Grisafe, through youth leagues and high school.

Showcases women trailblazers of football including Sami Grisafe, three-time quarterback for Team USA and the first female quarterback to play in a Division I California H.S. game, and Katie Sowers, assistant coach for the San Francisco 49ers and one of the first female coaches in the NFL, among other dynamic athletes, coaches and team owners. 

Features those who have gone against the grain to champion  a more inclusive future of football including Kyle Shanahan, head coach of the San Francisco 49ers, Franco Harris, Football Legend and Hall of Famer, and John Konecki, Team USA, Chicago Force and state high school champion coach, among others who’ve supported women athletes and coaches from youth leagues to semi pro teams and careers in the NFL.

A Feature Documentary Film with an Original Soundtrack in Post-Production.

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